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Film / TV / Video

Jen was Associate Producer on award-winning webseries 190 Lorimer. She's worked various positions in crews of all sizes, on sets ranging from reality TV to microbudget indies.

Jen grew up in the theater in New York City, working summer jobs at Shakespeare in the Park and stage crew in local theater companies, one of which took her to Scotland on a production selected for the Edinburgh Festival.

She has also worked extensively in post-production, translating, transcribing and subtitling news&documentary footage for clients including Vice, Google Video, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, and for acclaimed filmmakers such as Mary Olive Smith (Flying Pup Productions), Iara Lee (Caipirinha Productions), and Rory Kennedy (Moxie Firecracker Films).


In May 2017 she was Production Coordinator, as well as 2nd camera, for RAAD Productions, on a 6-day virtual reality (360°) shoot for Chinese VR platform Immerex.

She is currently working on post-production of a documentary that investigates hidden remnants of Taíno culture and collective trauma among Caribbean peoples.

Jen is proficient in Final Cut 7 and Adobe Premiere. See her music demo video, which she edited, here.

In her free time, she is developing a pilot for a series called "Kids In The City" based on her teen years in NYC in the 1990s. 

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